Green Corridors collaborates with local communities, creating multiple opportunities for members to participate in the health and welfare of their natural surroundings. Healthy environments offer untold benefits for food security, clean water and sanitation, well-being, and – importantly – self-employment and skills.

Green Corridors partners with a variety of stakeholders, to create open spaces in key local destinations. The goal is to establish a balance between important environmental ‘musts’, and the challenges faced by communities who live in those areas. By restoring those environments to good health, the benefits to the community are valuable and ensures safe and clean spaces in which children can play, non-toxic rivers, and meaningful employment in numerous sectors, including tourism.

On-going, long-term partnerships with Green Corridors and its projects, have proven to be immensely rewarding for our stakeholders - We are constantly seeking like-minded involvement from others. Hand in hand with stakeholders and communities, Green Corridors plays a vital role in improving the quality of the environment within which our communities live, work, play and thrive.